How to Melt Chocolate Without A Microwave

Want to melt chocolate without burning it and you don’t have a Microphone then read this complete guide.

If you are a chef or working in a bakery, you know that it is very important to melt chocolate properly to make chocolate desserts and cake. To make the perfect chocolate recipe, you will need creamy, and silky melted chocolate. Now as a chef or a housewife, you know it is not easy to melt chocolate. You have to be very careful while melting chocolate. We have already published a detailed guide to melt chocolate using Microwave. But if you don’t have an oven, then here is what to do.

This method of melting chocolate is effective and works fine.

Guide to Melt Chocolate Without A Microwave at Home

The only thing you need is a double boiler. Check the image below. A double boiler is a pot on another pot. This double boiler is used to boil water using another pot. This way the heat will transfer via base pot, instead of direct heat. This gentle heat has the perfect temperature to melt chocolate.

double boiler

If you don’t have a double boiler, then make one. You just have to use 2 pots or Saucepans: 1 is big and 1 is smaller. Put a smaller pot on the stove with simmer water and then take bigger saucepans with chocolate on the top.

This way you can create your double boiler.

Turn on the stove to melt the chocolate. Keep an eye on the double boiler because if you are using a real double boiler then it will melt chocolate within a minute.

Use any cloth to hold the saucepan’s edge and then stir the chocolate because the chocolate will make your bowl hot. The bowl will get hot so make sure to hold it tight while you stir the chocolate.

Stir chocolate

Keep Stirring the chocolate, so that all chocolate pieces get melted without burning.

Now make sure that you keep your chocolate safe from water. It will make your chocolate bad.

Keep stirring your chocolate until it gets melted. Also, make sure that your chocolate doesn’t get burned by stirring.

Keep checking your chocolate and when melted properly, turn off the stove and enjoy.

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FAQs – Melt Chocolate Without Microwave Ovem

1. How do you melt chocolate chips on the stove?

Use a double boiler to melt chocolate chips on the stove. This process is very safe and effective.2..

2. How do you melt chocolate chips without a double boiler or microwave?

You can also melt chocolate in steel or non-stick bowl. Just keep stirring the chocolate when you put it on the stove.

3. How do you melt chocolate chips with water?

Do not add water with chocolate. It will make your chocolate bad.

4. How do you melt chocolate if you don’t have a bowl?

You can use pot or any other alternative. Just make sure your chocolate doesn’t get burned. Keep stirring.

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